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Hello! How are you? I'm sitting here with Nancy and she greets you very much to my lovely blog readers. We just ate a very tasty pasta dish that I throw together in a short time when we were hungry now! It is when one is hungry like that and really need something to cook foods that taste best! Now we are sitting with a varsit glass of wine and write on our blogs, haha ​​what social huh! Nah we are both in and look opposite dress online then we are going to a wedding of a mutual friend. Should ...

Wij moeten bewegen

Sporten is iest wat wij weten goed voor ons is. Wij moeten gewoon ons lichaam bewegen en toch doen wij het niet altijd. Het sporten is goed voor om in vorm te komen en blijven, het is goed voor het hele lichaam; voor het hart, de nieren, de botten en zo voort. Toch is het vaak zo dat wij niet genoeg bewegen en dat komt door dat wij zo makkelijk dingen kan doen over internet. Je kan van alles bestellen en doen bijna zonder de deur uit te gaan. Dat moeten wij veranderen. Anders dan blijven wij niet gezond en ...

In the subway

Last year Malmö got a subway .. There are only two stations in town, but then it goes out towards Copenhagen, it is much faster now to go to Copenhagen one what it did before. What I like about this Subway is that they have no advertising on the platform that is completely ad-free. It's not like in Stockholm, where there are big billboards everywhere. The only thing that can be found at Malmö station platforms, digital signage and on the platform in the center, it is a film that rolls projected against the walls, it is very nice.

Now and then

There used to be a time when video on demand was impossible. You would simply watch what was on tv and for the luckier people amongst us who were in the possession of a video recorder, there was the possibility to replay earlier recorded transmissions or even rent movies and play them at a convenient time. How different is it now. Either through a set top box connected to the cable provider or simply through an internet connected pc we have the option to see what we want at a time that is right for us.